Automated power line analysis

Hepta provides end-to-end inspection and analysis tools to automate your asset management. Our software provides a birds-eye view of the grid, our autonomous drones deliver best-in-class quality for hundreds of kilometers.

The power of AI

100% accuracy guaranteed

Analyze the vast amount of data & images by deploying continuous machine learning

Combine existing power grid sensor data with data collected from drones & satellites for power grid analysis and defect detection.

We help you automate your inspection data analysis.

  • 250 km of power line data analysed in 5 minutes
  • Average 11 more defects per line kilometer vs before
  • LiDAR, Thermal, Imaging, Corona
Screenshot of uBird power line inspection software by Hepta
Digitize the entire power grid
All sensor data delivered in a single software environment
Inspect high-resolution images
With Hepta’s image recognition software they come in high detail
Detect defects
Automatically detect power line and power infrastructure defects from sensor data
Powerful dashboard
Get actionable results through statistics and charts, with a powerful dashboard
3D mapping
3D observation of any defects and anomalies - 3D models, vegetation management
Layered data
Store raw data and overlay data across multiple inspections. Include data from satellites & existing data bases

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Data collection with drones

Rental & training

We lease a variety of drones & provide training by the industry’s top professionals.

  • Zero hardware risk for the customer
  • Replace sensors & drones anytime
  • No prior training nor knowledge required
  • No upfront investment required, pay per use

Our trained pilots have more than 10 years of UAV experience and a wealth of knowledge of the field.

What else is cooking in our lab?

Development of industrial autonomous long-range drones, covering large areas with multiple hours of UAV flight time.


Cover 10x range of typical UAVs available on the market.
Perform with harsh weather conditions, storm damage
Inspect even during night-time
Long-range BVLOS sensor connecticity
Autonomous drone with ability to detect defects and anomalies
Reduced costs, increased accuracy

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Managed Inspection Services

End-to-end power grid inspection, defect detection, analysis, and reporting Industrial drone (UAV)

Partner with Hepta to manage the entire powerline and power infrastructure inspection and analysis lifecycle. Extend your asset life span.


  • We’ll collect all sensor data with UAVs, satellites & data bases
  • Trained engineers & mL. process and analyse your data
  • Intelligent reporting provides actionable insights for a power company’s engineering team

Years of experience and a powerful technological solution

years of experience of
 on-ground powerline inspection & analysis
years of manned helicopter inspection
years of drone inspections

Hear from our customers


Henri Klemmer
Co-founder & CEO

– Power Engineer, M. Sc
– 12+ years of power line inspection and design
– Founder of a technical design company in the energy sector

Elviss Straupenieks
Chief Growth Officer

– 6+ years of experience as a CEO of a drone development company
– Alumni of 2 leading Silicon Valley business accelerators

Jorge Massardo
Business Development, LatAm

– One of the leading technology field experts in Latin America, previously worked with selling telco solutions
– Helping technology companies find success and develop quickly in Latin America

German Bidzilja
Chief Product Officer

– Over 10 years of experience in software product development, mainly in B2B
– Over 5 years of experience in leading software engineering teams


Raido Pikkar

– Thorgate Venture
– Chairman of the board
– Business mentor


– Former CEO of Eesti Energia (largest oil shale energy Co.)
– Serial entrepeneur

Jaanus Tamm

– DefSecIntel CEO
– Founder Serial Entrepreneur

Patrick Halford

– Singularity University VC Advisor, AR/VR & drones
– Former IBM’s Head of Robotics
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