Inspection suite

Upgrade your inspection capabilities though an AI-driven power line inspection platform

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Smart power-line inspection suite

End-to-end solution: from smart software and rich analytics, to hands-on support from specialists and hardware facilitation.

Our software aggregates RGB, IR and LiDAR imaging generated by drones, satellites and helicopters and is smart enough to combine them into detailed digital models.

Advanced sensors and imaging help you detect hidden defects, before they start affecting your grid.


We combine the digital twin with a streamlined software tool that allows qualified inspectors to easily identify defects and prevent hazards. Instead of forcing inspectors to spend countless hours inspecting images, we create AI models based on customers’ own datasets, thus streamlining the inspection process. The AI-driven pre-screening allows inspectors to detect and assess issues with much higher accuracy and speed.

AI-driven inspections allow our clients to

  • save on inspection costs
  • increase their inspection speed multiple times
  • detect more relevant defects
AI-models based on your assets
Specialized AI-models that are based on your assets allow for greater defect detection and accuracy
Save thousands of man hours and data processing costs
AI-models allow you to inspect thousands of images in a matter of minutes for defects
Pathway to automation
The more images you upload, the more AI-models can be created, leading to automated analysis

Seamless Reporting

The power-line inspection data is available in the cloud and can be easily integrated into existing client workflows. From upper management to inspectors and work crews – our reporting features allow everyone to get the information they need to conduct successful operations and take well-informed decisions.

Should you need help with your system integration, then we can provide you with technical support with leading enterprise software.

PDF reports
Intelligent reporting provides actionable insights for the clients engineering team
XLS reports
Store raw data, analytics and overlay data across multiple inspections.
System integration
Out-of-the-box integration with the leading enterprise softwares

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