uBird Power Line Inspection Software

AI-powered grid inspection platform

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uBird power line and utility inspection platform

Analyze vast amount of data & images by deploying continuous machine learning

  • manage data from various sensors gathered by drone, helicopter, satellite, or on foot
  • map pole positions and manage thousands of images at once
  • find and annotate defects
  • analyse and review outcomes on a powerful dashboard
  • send actionable reports to maintenance teams via the cloud, PDF, XLS, or enterprise integrations like SAP.

uBird makes it also possible to automate your inspection data analysis with AI.
Contact us to learn more about unlocking the machine learning features on your uBird account: info@heptainsights.com

Screenshot of uBird power line inspection software by Hepta
Digitize the entire power grid
All sensor data delivered in a single software environment
Inspect high-resolution images
With Hepta’s image recognition software they come in high detail
Detect defects
Find in average 11 more defects per line kilometer vs before
Powerful dashboard
Get actionable results through statistics and charts, with a powerful dashboard
3D mapping
3D observation of any defects and anomalies - 3D models, vegetation management
Layered data
Store raw data and overlay data across multiple inspections. Include data from satellites & existing data bases

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Hepta's team

Henri Klemmer
Co-founder & CEO

– Power Engineer, M. Sc
– 12+ years of power line inspection and design
– Founder of a technical design company in the energy sector

German Bidzilja
Chief Product Officer

– Over 10 years of experience in software product development, mainly in B2B
– Over 5 years of experience in leading software engineering teams

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