Smart power line inspection suite

Hepta provides easily deployable end-to-end inspection solution for large networks: from smart software and rich analytics to hands-on support from specialists and hardware facilitation.

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Digitizing the global grid

Hepta is giving its clients the tools to succeed, no matter the location or size of the task.

  • Hepta’s solutions have been successfully implemented by more than 30 DSOs and TSOs in 21 countries. 

  • Our software addresses the real-life needs of inspection teams and is today used to inspect more than 3000 KM of power lines every month.

  • SAIDI score improved 300% (DTEK Grids)

  • Inspection cycle decreased from 7 years to 2,5 years (Enefit Connect)

  • Average costs saved for utilities 3 000 000 euros per year

Hepta customers
AI-driven defect detection
Find on average 400% more unique defects with the help of Hepta's AI-driven power line inspection platform uBird
Comprehensive overview of the state of your grid
GPS map-based reporting with PDF work orders for the work teams
Quality performance regardless of quantity
Easily scalable solution with no upfront investment needed

Smart power-line inspection suite

Our software combines RGB, IR and LIDAR imaging generated by drones, satellites and helicopters into detailed digital models. Our AI detects defects in power lines

Need of full scale deployment? We facilitate access to hardware (drones) and training without any upfront investments. We integrate our solutions without rearranging the workflow of your organization.




Henri Klemmer
Co-founder & CEO

– Power Engineer, M. Sc
– 12+ years of power line inspection and design
– Founder of a technical design company in the energy sector

Elviss Straupenieks
Chief Growth Officer

– 6+ years of experience as a CEO of a drone development company
– Alumni of 2 leading Silicon Valley business accelerators

Jorge Massardo
Business Development, LatAm

– One of the leading technology field experts in Latin America, previously worked with selling telco solutions
– Helping technology companies find success and develop quickly in Latin America

German Bidzilja
Chief Product Officer

– Over 10 years of experience in software product development, mainly in B2B
– Over 5 years of experience in leading software engineering teams


Sandor Liive

– Former CEO of Eesti Energia (largest oil shale energy Co.)
– Serial Entrepreneur

Daniel Dobbeni

– Former CEO of the Elia Group
– President of GO15

Rokas Peciulaitis

– Contrarian Ventures, Founder & Managing Partner
– Kauffman fellow

Patrick Halford

– Startup mentor
– Advisor to VCs

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