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Power line data analysis

Accurate reports for business and ground teams

  • We provide 100% complete analysis for your RGB images, thermal and LiDAR data captured via helicopters, drones, or ground crews
  • Trained engineers analyse your data by utilising uBird AI to boost quality, productivity and bring down the cost
  • Accurate reports of defects in the web application are downloadable in CSV, Excel and PDF formats
  • Integrations with asset management systems such as SAP, NIS, and others get the critical information to relevant parties instantly
  • Precise geo-referenced and annotated images give a great overview of the findings for the maintenance teams

uBird software platform

Turn drone images into analyzed and actionable information

With the uBird software platform, you get a complete and in-depth overview of power lines and defects:

  • upload, store and manage all images and point clouds to keep the digital documentation of your grid in one accessible place
  • map exact object positions and see the location of photos and the drone on the map
  • locate and annotate findings on the photos to form structured reports
  • review the outcome on a powerful dashboard
  • share actionable reports via the cloud, PDF and XLS formats or integrations with enterprise systems
Screenshot of uBird power line inspection software by Hepta

Drone and sensor rental

Rent or buy to inspect any infrastructure

  • Lease a variety of drones and sensors with zero risk
  • DJI Mavic and Matrice series industrial drones
  • Long-range heavy-lifting helicopter drone H19
  • Selection of field-proven sensors: RGB, Thermal, LiDAR, Corona
  • Get expert help from us with the insurance and BVLOS permits
  • Your team gets training from the industry’s top professionals who have a background in aviation and piloting UAVs and extensive experience in inspecting the grid

Data capture with drones

Detailed imagery of your infrastructure

  • We get BVLOS permits and handle the insurance
  • Trained drone pilots plan missions according to your utilities and landscape
  • Pilots travel to your location with drones and sensors to conduct the flights and capture the needed data

Full end-to-end inspection service

Seamless data capture, analysis and reporting

You can partner with Hepta to speed up any part of your power line inspection service:

  • capturing the data
  • analyzing and reporting the data
  • using uBird software platform to analyse your own data
  • renting the drones and sensors

Also, Hepta can take care of the end-to-end service. We ship the drones and the crew on the site, gather the data, analyse and deliver the results.

Interested in parts of the inspection or full end-to-end power line inspection?

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Henri Klemmer
Co-founder & CEO

– Power Engineer, M. Sc
– 12+ years of power line inspection and design
– Founder of a technical design company in the energy sector