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Hepta’s CEO Henri Klemmer talks about creating strategic partnerships and eco-systems at the Energy Tech Summit

The annual Energy Tech Summit conference in Warsaw saw Hepta’s CEO Henri Klemmer share his thoughts about creating strategic partnerships during a workshop hosted by Florian Kolb from Intertrust and Martin Möller from DigiKoo. The workshop concentrated on the key-value levers and various partnering approaches for startups and scaleups looking to pursue active partnerships in the energy tech sector. As Hepta has always had the fortune of successful partnerships and effective collaborations, it was great to share these experiences with the attendees. Hopefully, the thoughts and ideas discussed during the workshop will help to pave the way for a new wave of successful partnerships being created in the technology sector.

Energy Tech Summit workshop with Florian Kolb, Henri Klemmer and Martin Möller

The Energy Tech Summit is an annual conference, hosting top European energy and mobility investors, entrepreneurs, and government leaders. Energy Tech Summit introduces the latest developments in energy and mobility convergence theme, while bringing an impressive network from the Baltics and Nordics for a constructive debate with European industry leaders. The Energy Tech Summit is focused on quality content, context, and in-depth discussion accompanied with vast opportunities to network in a group of peers.


Myths and realities: precision and accuracy of drone-based power line inspection

Myths and realities: precision and accuracy of drone-based power line inspection   Hepta’s industry survey revealed that some DSOs and TSOs are wary of adopting drones for power line inspection purposes because they believe inspection with drones produces less precise and less accurate data compared to traditional inspection methods.    Feedback from Hepta’s existing customers […]

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