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Forward-looking grid operators gather at the Hepta Innovation Summit

Last week saw different grid operators gather in Tallinn for the Hepta Innovation Summit, which aimed to encourage experience sharing and discussions about modernisation among DSOs and TSOs. Over the two day event, participants got a chance to hear presentations from both industry experts and innovation leaders and take part in a live demo day, showing the latest drone inspection technology.






The first day of the Summit was dedicated to innovation and grid operators challenges. Participants heard both how Estonia manages to save 2% of its GDP due to its e-governance system and how drone-based power line inspections help companies succeed in Germany. During the open roundtable, special focus was put on the challenges grid operators face today, with rising power consumption and costs.









On the second day, all of the participants were shown how modern drone inspections look like, with a live demo. During the demo, Hepta’s operations team showed high voltage and middle voltage power line inspections with RGB, LiDAR and infrared imaging. In addition to that, the latest drone technology (both in terms of sensors and the drones themselves) was also presented to the participants.

We would like to thank all participants and presenters for their insights, ideas and thoughts shared during the Innovation Summit. Your input made the event eye-opening and thought-provoking to everyone. Due to the success of the event, the Innovation Summit will return with new topics, workshops and demos in the future. So stay tuned and stay innovative!


Myths and realities: precision and accuracy of drone-based power line inspection

Myths and realities: precision and accuracy of drone-based power line inspection   Hepta’s industry survey revealed that some DSOs and TSOs are wary of adopting drones for power line inspection purposes because they believe inspection with drones produces less precise and less accurate data compared to traditional inspection methods.    Feedback from Hepta’s existing customers […]

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