What we can do for you?

  • Data Capture. Hepta flies the drones on-site and captures required data (any or all: RGB, IR, LIDAR, Corona)
  • Hepta Insights Software. Access to the software platform that allows uploading photos, videos and pointclouds, visualising them and performing manual analysis.
  • Hepta Insigths AI. Software module that automates parts of the manual analysis process by finding defects from uploaded material.
  • Hepta Insights Analysis. Full analysis service by Hepta, where the customer uploads the data, Hepta analyses it and the 100% accurate results are immediately available in the software or sent to the customer’s asset management system.
  • Hepta Insights Satellite Analysis. A cost-effective alternative to LIDAR scanning to detect issues such as vegetation in the power line right-of-way.
  • Drone Rental. Hepta provides all equipment required for starting with aerial inspection – drones, sensors, tablets, batteries, software etc.)
  • Inspection Crew Training. Hepta provides training for the customer’s crew to operate the drones and capture high-quality material for easy analysis.